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Dalyan population of cats continues to grow year on year, help with neutering has been in place for 13 years.


This was the building blocks for Cat PAWS, which has subsequently built a respite, increased awareness, gathered more volunteer's and registered as an official charity and not to forget have a large number of supporters and regular donations to enable the work to continue.

Our PAWS Patrol Team will take traps and boxes to you, give advice on catching cats at your location or we will agree a prearranged specific location and help to catch the cats. 

The team will then take the street cats to the clinic, where the vet will perform the operations. From the vet the cats will be transported to Respite for aftercare and then returned to their original location once recovered. 

All cats will have their ear clipped by the vet for easy identification. 

Support from all individuals both residents and tourists is greatly appreciated. 

If you know of a street cat that needs neutering then please contact us for advice.

If you would like further info or to book a slot for your area, then please contact us.

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