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Neutering programme

Dalyan population of cats have steadily grown over the years and a neutering scheme that tackles the issues that arise is very much needed. 

There is a scheme in place where local residents raise money through a weekly quiz but unfortunately due to Covid 19 the funds are dwindling. We will continue with this scheme for individual cats but we need to act faster so we have now got a programme starting in March to add to the current scheme. 

Twice a month Cat PAWS will work together with the local community and the Ortaca Municipality Vet Team at Dalaman to cat cats on mass that need neutering. 
Our PAWS Patrol Team will take traps and boxes to a prearranged specific location and help to catch the cats. 

PAWS will then take the street cats to Dalaman, where the vet team will perform the operations. The cats will then return to Respite for aftercare and then returned to their original location when recovered. 

All cats will have their ear clipped for easy identification. 
Cat Paws can also provide aftercare for street cats caught by individuals and funded by the Cat Quiz Funds (subject to space). 

Currently we are following the programme fortnightly on a Tuesday.

If you would like further info or to book a slot for your area, then please contact us.

Email :

If you are a resident then please follow the procedures and process below. If you are a tourist then please email us.

Email :

How to report a sick or injured cat


The Ortaca Belediyesi offers a FREE service to help with the Welfare of Street Cats or Dogs in Dalyan. Please see the procedure below if you need their help:


Contact Emrah who works for Ortaca Belediyesi Veterinary Team, please message him on whatsapp at 05549450555, (so he can translate your message from English to Turkish) You must include a picture of the animal, and a map pin of its location, and write "yarali bir hayvan var" means there is an injured animal here. This procedure must be used for sick and injured animals.


If that does not work, send the same message to Mustafa who works for the local Zabita 05414645274. If for some reason nether of these work (which is unlikely) But if neither of the above responds please follow instructions below:


Call the emergency response at the council veterinary team at 05559944330 , 24 hrs a day but only in Turkish. Save these numbers in your phones now. If for any reason you dont have these numbers and need help immediately, you can always call 153, its a free number for the Zabita, who can then contact the appropriate person.

If you are worried about the cats health and would prefer to message us first perhaps due to technical or translation issues or are generally unsure what to do in following this procedure please post about the cat on our Facebook page (use the link at the bottom of the page) and we will liase with you privately and help decide the best course of action or e mail us. 

Cats will be first looked at by the Dalaman Shelter Vet Team who have excellent equipment for dealing with cats welfare.

Also we are a small team of volunteers that are very busy with neutering and further projects but are more than happy to chat with you and liase with you on Cat Welfare Issues.

All Cats Lives Matter to us.

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