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Cat PAWS is a registered Turkish Charity (registration number 48-019-075).

Turkish name = Sokak Kedilerini Koruma, Yardim Ve Iyilestirme Dernegi  -  Kedi Patileri

Dalyan volunteers started neutering and spaying cats over 13 years ago.

In 2019 a Dalyan respite centre was built, in 2021 Cat PAWS (Kedi Patileri) Facebook and Web pages were launched and in 2022 we became an official registered Turkish charity.

Cat PAWS concentrate on neutering street cats in Dalyan and immediate surrounding areas to ensure a better and healthier cat population.

We run a trap, neuter and release programme and have a respite centre to provide post op care if needed.

We use professional and well experienced vets for all our veterinary needs.

Many cats have benefitted from this scheme.

Cat PAWS is run completely by donations provided by our followers, and fundraising events.

All the board members and volunteers are completely unpaid.

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