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Dalyan and immediate surrounding area neutering charity

Cat Paws is a small network of volunteers, that aim to help the street cats of Dalyan. 

Turkey has a large street cat population throughout the country and most Turkish people believe that cats and humans have the right to coexist alongside each other peacefully.

Dalyan Respite Centre started in 2019 and grew very quickly due to large demand. Our aim is to provide respite recovery for neutered cats. We have achieved this and continue to do so, we have already provided care for many cats and kittens and saved many lives.


Cat Paws volunteers are actively involved in enriching the lives of the Dalyan street cats by creating a safer and better environment for them to live in.

Our vision is to control the population of street cats by using our ‘trap,  neuter and release scheme’, for the joint benefits of the community,  business premises, tourism and of course for the street cats themselves; and to provide respite to cats and kittens. 

Our aims are to neuter as many cats as possible,  and provide a safe haven with care for neutered cats.
Your support is essential to help with this work, please use the donate button above or contact us.

TNR – Trap, Neuter & Release Programme


Our aim is to control the population of street cats.


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