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How to report a sick or injured cat

The Ortaca Belediyesi offers a FREE service to help with the Welfare of Street Cats or Dogs in Dalyan. Please see the procedure below if you need their help:


Please Contact 153 or the Ortaca Belediyesi Veterinary Team, please message them on whatsapp at 05549450555, (so they can translate your message from English to Turkish) You must include a picture of the animal, and a map pin of its location, and write "yarali bir hayvan var" means there is an injured animal here. This procedure must be used for sick and injured animals.

Cats will be first looked at by the Dalaman Shelter Vet Team who have excellent equipment for dealing with cats welfare.

Also we are a small team of volunteers that are very busy with neutering and further projects but are more than happy to chat with you and liase with you on Cat Welfare Issues.

All Cats Lives Matter to us.

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