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This is the story of River 😺 a little ginger boy who melted my heart ♥ 
It started back at the end of August when a caring holiday maker, found him in a terrible state down at the Riverside Hotel in Dalyan. We saw her plea and one of our volunteers raced down to save him.

His eyes were completely gummed up with pus and blood and he couldn't see. I couldn't put him in the cat house as he was in a bad way. I thought he would be blind for life. However, he was a little miracle!


We treated his eye and within days he was responding and he could see. A few months later he caught a horrible virus and ended up at the vets for 5 days. It really was touch and go. I made daily trips to the next town willing him on. One of our wonderful volunteers driving me up there every day. He started to make progress and on day 5 was allowed home.

What could I do, he was so loving and depended on me so much, so I decided to formally adopt him. He is now firmly in our fold and is the sweetest boy.


Then along came a tiny little kitten found by some more holidaymakers. He found his way to their villa and they named him Bryan. Again he came to cat respite but another so small that he stayed in the house as needed round the clock feeding.
River was just wonderful. He decided to look after Bryan. He cleaning him and cuddled up with him, keeping him warm. They are now the best of friends. It's not often you don't see them together. And Bryan, yes he's still here and still small but he's as brave as a lion 🦁

Please watch the video to see Rivers story in pictures.

This is what I love to do but it wouldn't be possible without the help of everyone, our community, holiday makers, you, this page and your donations.

Please can I ask use to sign up to easy funding (it won't cost you a penny) to use when you do your online shopping to help much needed funds so we can continue to make many more beautiful stories like this or you can donate using the Cat Paws link


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